Devils Coachman

You would be forgiven for thinking we’ve been a little quiet at FRM London over the summer. Truth be told, we have been quite the opposite!

We have been working with Trailblazers, recording and compiling the “Dance Tent” album. Trailblazers are our sister label that has been running since the 1990’s and is responsible for developing artists such as Blak Twang and Roots Manuva.

But much bigger than all of that, is the coming together of our two companies to form a new label! DCR – Devils Coachman Records.

The story goes, that The first record due to be released was “Preach”, which was recorded on an instrumental called “Cowboy dessert scorpion”. We were still looking for a label name at the time, and the question was asked, what’s the closest British creature that looks like a Scorpion? Answer? A Devils Coachman. It’s actually a variety of British beetle.

DC R (LOGO) (1)

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